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Yogi (Rehomed)

Posted on Jan 10, 2017

Yogi is 6 years old and has been gifted to us through no fault of his own. Yogi is an all round sociable boy who has been brought up around young children and is good in the company of other dogs. He has a fantastically loyal and loving personality but does however contain very high energy levels, so requires an active outdoorsy home where regular walks, jogs, runs or cycling is a matter of course. However, once he has been drained of his excess energy he becomes a very laid-back dog who likes nothing more than to stretch and chill out, on his bed. 5 Star Boy!


When Wendy and her daughters from Yorkshire spotted Yogi the Pharoah Hound on our FB page they knew instantly that he would be the ideal companion for their Pharoah Hound Oskar.

Following an initial visit to JFD, the weekend before last, to introduce the the dogs to each other it was uncanny how similar they were, not only in looks but in mannerisms and the two dogs hit it off from the very get go! After a long muddy walk followed by a ‘chase me’ romp on the paddock Yogi was immediately put on reserve pending home checks.

Sunday last, saw the ladies return to adopt their new addition and the boys greeted one another like long lost friends! We asked Wendy if she would like to take Yogi’s bed that had been left by his previous owner, as it had certainly helped him settle well in kennels. As we waited for the bed to be brought from the kennels Zoe remarked again on how alike the two dogs were and as Yogi’s dog bed was handed to her she laughed and said ‘ oh no, he’s even got the same bed as Oskar!!!!

Following an uneventful journey to his new home Yogi was taken to Pets at Home for a new identity disc before being let lose (well not quite, he’s a Pharoah remember) with Oskar to explore his new home territory.

Last reports had him crashed out, on his old bed, in his new home, dreaming of many fun times ahead!

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