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Train & Teach

Train and Teach with Trish

Member of The Kennel Club Accredited Instructors Scheme

Companion Dog Training and Good Citizens Training

Training Classes or One to One Home Visits

A great way to bond and learn more about your dog is through training. It helps you both to get to know each other’s personalities and what your habits are. More often than not when somebody feels they have a difficult dog on their hands they feel they are the only one that has a ‘problem dog’, when all it means is that they are just misunderstanding their dog – after all we cannot talk to each other so we have to use and learn body language and sometimes very subtle signs.

JFD’s Chairperson Trish Godfrey is a wonderful qualified trainer. Trish knows dogs and above everything else she understands and loves each one that she comes into contact with. Trish holds regular classes at the JFD Rescue Centre and will be happy to welcome and help you and your pooch to learn and grow together.

In January 2016 JFD were delighted to become recognised by the The Kennel Club as a Good Citizens Scheme Training premises, allowing Trish to proceed with the Good Citizen Training Classes.

More Information

For more information about Classes or One to One please call Trish on 07976 316204 or email [email protected]

Trish and Robbie Trish and Dolly Trish and Ruby

Train and Teach Tracking Course PDF

Train and Teach Reactivity In Dogs PDF

Train and Teach Tracking Course PDF