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Posted on Oct 23, 2017

This is the adorable, gentle and loving Tanya has now been re-homed and we are delighted to hear she is settling is so well!

This lovely lady was rescued from a kill shelter and certain death of the most barbaric kind….

A ROMANIAN KILL SHELTER, as told to us by Carmen, the admin/adoption
co-ordinator at ‘saving suffering strays – Sarajevo’.

‘This is a ‘shelter’ (more like hell) that the street dogs are taken too once they have been captured. The dog catchers get paid by the government for each dog they seize and business is brisk. In this shelter they get fed once a week, mostly dry bread and scraps. It depends if any members of the public are allowed in with donated food. Here the dogs are left in there own urine, faeces and puppies are thrown in with older dogs. Many die of hunger if they have not been killed by then by the shelter. Common forms of killing is by being beaten to death, injected with bleach (cheap!) or, mostly just left to die and then the bodies are removed. It’s almost hard to believe but it really is the worst place for these poor dogs’ .

Tanya was saved by Milena a truly courageous, brave and dedicated person who tries to save as many dogs as she can from this hell on earth. JFD are now, in a small way, going to help Melena and her incredible support network, to find loving, understanding 5* homes for dogs like Tanya. We will of course still be dedicated to our homeless British dogs but feel that now our new rescue centre is nearing completion we can find some space in our kennels and arms to reach out a little further.

Tanya is so incredibly lucky to be alive and we feel so incredibly lucky and humbled to have been given the opportunity to help her. She has touched our hearts in the most unimaginable way possible.

If you think you can offer Tanya a loving home please email us by clicking here. Before you email – please take a note of these quick questions that we will ask you when you enquire.