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Posted on Jul 6, 2016

A call came in to JFD from a transport company in Derby, asking if we could help, in any way, a stray dog that had been visiting their depot. Every lunchtime at around 11:30 the mobile catering van arrived at the depot and so did Spats.

Living off scraps that members of staff gave him, he desperately wanted to trust them but couldn’t.

We promised that if, at some point, the dog could be caught we would ensure that he would receive the veterinary attention he so urgently required, and that under no circumstances would he be put to sleep. Over the next few weeks, Spats was obviously deteriorating. He had a severe discharge and open wounds on his nose and was also suffering pain from an eye problem, later diagnosed as a severe ulceration. So advanced was the eye problem that he could barely open his eyes in bright sunlight.

One Friday early in May, staff at the transport company rang JFD to say that they had finally managed to catch Spats. An appointment was hastily arranged with the vet and Spats was immediately admitted. His treatment was prolonged and on going but his improvement rapid.

As soon as a clean bill of health was given by the vet, Spats went to his new home in Matlock.

Spats owes his life to Steve, Neil and caring staff at Viking Transport, who continued to visit him whilst he was at JFD and helped by donating money to assist with his vet bills.