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Posted on Jul 6, 2016

Riley Country Walks Riley on arrivalBig thanks to Companion Care Vet Jason Davidson for drawing our attention to the plight of this little beauty.

At 4.30pm on Friday teatime 5yr old whippet x Riley, through no fault of his own, was in the consultation room staring death in the face, just minutes away from being put to sleep, this little dogs fate was all but sealed….well almost.

Jason left the room for a couple of minutes and made a quick phone call to JFD to plead for a space on Riley’s behalf. ‘He’s a lovely boy’ said Jason ‘and I just can’t bring myself to do it’.💔

By 6.45pm Riley had been neutered, vaccinated and was safely tucked up at JFD.

Now everyone say Aww!!!!!

Jason’s parting shot was ‘He’s such a good dog I’m sure you won’t have him long’……

He was right, a few weeks later he was adopted! See hisHappy Gotcha Day‘.