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Pippa & Poppy Home for Christmas!

Posted on Jan 9, 2017

So, the weekend before Christmas saw our small band of volunteers heading off to Ashbourne Sainsbury’s for our three day bag packing and collection weekend. However, Friday morning before heading off for my ‘stint’ there was a very important task for me to complete – Processing the adoption of our two adorable collies Pippa & Poppy.

It’s always a big ask to expect a family to adopt two dogs together and many homes flooded in offering the girls separate accommodation, but we really felt they had already been through tremendous upheaval already as their owner
had been struck down suddenly by a massive brain haemorrhage. Concerned family had to call the police to break into the house and as Bill was rushed to hospital arrangements were hastily made for the girls to be brought to the boarding kennels here at JFD. After several months boarding the very difficult decision was made, by their owner and his close family, that Bill would never be well enough to return home and care for the dogs again.

Having had time to assess and witness the close bond these two had with one another we were delighted when Kirsten, her husband and daughter, from Kirk Langley, contacted us with the offer of a wonderful home for the two dogs together!

The couple visited us on our open day taking the girls for a long walk along the lanes around JFD and of course were instantly smitten – well who wouldn’t be and arrangements were made for Pippa and Poppy to be collected the following Friday morning!

Within hours of their adoption we received photo updates which left us in no doubt that the girls were well and truly ‘home’!!

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