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Posted on Apr 11, 2017

Give Petra a Loving Home - Just For Dogs Rescue

Give Petra a Loving Home - Just For Dogs Rescue

This is what her owner has to tell us.

“Petra is the name of our husky. We re-homed her at 6months old as she had been living in a 5th floor flat with an elderly gentleman who had lung cancer and she had never been outside. Since we’ve had her we’ve done some amazing work with her.

She will be 2 on 14th may this year, she’s up to date with all injections and kennel cough. She’s great with cats (we have 2) and children (especially autistics ones who make rapid movements and lots of noise) she’s loving and gentle and loves fuss. She has also been around lots of different breed and sized dogs and all she wants to do is play. She is used to being pushed and prodded and leant on for pressure and is trained in sit, lye, down, back, leave, paw and high 5. She takes treats gently and doesn’t bother when you take them out her mouth or remove her feeding bowl even if she’s feeding from it. She is on the recommended gluten wheat free diet that all huskies should be on (it’s not that more expensive then a good brand dog food) but she loves carrots, frozen watermelon, rice, chicken livers, fish and peanut butter. She is a grazer by nature so she has dried food down all day so no set feeding times.

Her markings are beautiful and we love her dearly. It is with much regret that I am having to re-home her due to having to relocate abroad 😔😢 if anyone is interested in re-homing our much loved dog please contact Just For Dogs via email [email protected]
or FB message here’. Thank you”

Petra’s mum had her booked in at a rescue which has let her down at the last minute. Please share as we need to act fast!

If you think you can offer any of our lovely dogs a loving home please email us by clicking here. Before you email – please take a note of these quick questions that we will ask you when you enquire.