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Posted on Jul 6, 2016

nickyFound at the side of the road outside Bemrose in Derby, the result of a hit and run accident, he arrived at the vets with horrific facial injuries. Thanks to the operating skills of the orthopaedic vet, he arrived at JFD four days later with a completely rebuilt top jaw.
Such was the fantastic nature of this outgoing happy dog, no-one could begin to understand the trauma he had gone through.

As soon as his treatment was complete he was adopted and lives happily in Burton.

This all happened 16 years ago and although Nicky is now a senior citizen, earlier this year we received this message and photo from his mum, ‘He’s a very old boy, has arthritis, cataracts and his hearing is not brill, but he still seems happy, enjoys his food and the odd trip to the seaside’