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Posted on Mar 20, 2018

2 yr old Mika – over 2 years at the Sarajevo rescue, 3 months here at JFD and not a single offer of a home!

Before Mika was born her mother Mischa used to visit a kindly man as he tended his house in Sarajevo. One day he  tragically collapsed and died whilst gardening.  Mischa (who was heavily pregnant at the time) ran over to him and stayed by his side, shielding him and trying to protect him

It was truly heartbreaking, but she did not stop there.

On the day he was buried Mischa found her way to his funeral and afterwards she was often spotted visiting the garden where he died. Eventually the mother of the man who passed away went into her garden and Mischa had given birth to 7 healthy puppies. One being our Mika. The mother could not keep Mischa and her puppies as she was also struggling to come to terms with the loss of her son, so she contacted Milena the founder of the charity Saving Suffering Strays – Sarajevo. Milena cared for Mischa and her puppies and all were found wonderful homes apart from Mika.

As she grew bigger and stronger she was transferred to the rescue in Sarajevo where she has lived for two long years. She arrived at JFD in November in the hope of increasing her chances of finding a home, so far we have failed her as she continues to be slightly outshone by other dogs around her.

We know from experience that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and very soon someone will arrive at JFD and see the beauty in Mika that we all see. She will swiftly be adopted and will give her owners such love, pride, happiness and endless devotion.

Time will need to be invested with lead walking as she either refuses to walk, or spins round, trying to wriggle out of her collar!

Fantastic with people, children and other dogs. Five Star Dog!

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