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Marley (REHOMED)

Posted on Feb 16, 2017


Marley was a result of an accidental mating, but has lived happily, in Wales, for the last five years. Unfortunately, his owners had to move and couldn’t take Marley with them. He has now been returned to the home of his birth, where thankfully (and unusually) they have taken full responsibility for Marley – unlike most bullbreed breeders who don’t want to know once money has exchanged hands!The family would love to keep him but Marley’s birth-mother is having none of it and refuses to accept him back into the family fold.

This is what we are told…

This is Marley, he’s a blue Staffordshire bull terrier, he’s 5 on march 12th. Up to date with vaccinations, been castrated at 1 year old, he’s full of life and loves his walks and lots of fuss and is really good with people and children. he comes back when called, but is not so good with other dogs. He really needs a new home with someone who understands Staffies and doesn’t have other pets.

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