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Lin-Lin & Ginny

Posted on Jul 6, 2016


lin lin 2Lin-Lin

An emaciated Greyhound was found wandering the streets of Alfreton. The vets, and all of us here at JFD were appalled by the severity of her   condition.   Weighing just 30lb (an average Greyhound should weigh approximately 65lb), extremely weak and covered in pressure sores and open wounds, it was obvious that she had been severely mistreated and was ‘lucky’ to still be alive.

After being checked over, she was transferred to JFD for recuperation and rehoming.  When initial enquiries were made to the Retired Greyhound Trust (Lin-Lin had a serial number tattooed in her ear – SQT3), we were dismayed to learn that this could only tell us the breeder’s name, address and also her date of birth. The breeder was no longer at that address and so we were unable to trace the people responsible for her abuse. Lin-Lin returned to the vet eight days later and we were delighted to learn that she was rapidly gaining weight – nearly 1lb per day! After reading a report in the Derby Evening Telegraph, a JFD member  who was already the proud owner of 2 JFD rescue dogs, called to enquire if a home had yet been found for Lin-Lin? When informed that one hadn’t, the lady immediately made her way to Brailsford and adoption swiftly took place. Lin-Lin rapidly made herself at home in her new
environment and we are pleased to say that she made a full recovery.





Imagine our dismay and frustration when, just after rehoming Lin-Lin, a second Greyhound arrived at JFD, in similar appalling condition.  Also tattooed in her ear (No. SQT4), she proved to be a sister of Lin-Lin. Upon contacting the Retired Greyhound Trust again, we were informed that a third Greyhound from the same litter of eight had been picked up by another Local Authority, but there was still no real possibility of tracing those responsible. Ginny was very swiftly reserved by another JFD member, as a companion for her female Doberman/Lurcher. We are pleased to report that she also made a rapid return to good health.

It’s disturbing to read about these three Greyhounds, and call them ‘lucky’, but compared to the last tragic report on a fourth Greyhound, Lin-Lin and Ginny were very, very lucky. This poor dog was found in a lay-by near Stratford, badly beaten and mutilated. She had been placed in a bin liner whilst still alive and was left to drown in her own blood.