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Posted on Jul 4, 2016

My name is Jess. I was out with my owner, being ‘worked’ one weekend, when I badly injured my back leg. My owner took me to the PDSA and when he was told that I needed a big operation or maybe even to have my leg amputated he said that he no longer wanted me as I ‘wouldn’t be able to work’ anymore!
Thankfully x-rays proved that emergency surgery could save my leg and the kind nurse that looked after me rang JFD to see if they could find a space for me in their rescue centre. I arrived at JFD the following day for six weeks’ convalescent. My on-going treatment required dressing changes every 5 days (at first under anaesthetic as I was still in quite a bit of pain) and complete kennel rest. I made a rapid and complete recovery and was adopted into a home with two other JFD rescue dogs.