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Posted on Jul 6, 2016

  JessiAs a puppy Jess started her life living in the Normanton area. This quickly proved to be a very violent home, with Jess being kicked from pillar to post.

After… approximately a year of physical and mental abuse Jess was ‘rescued’ by someone who then proceeded to keep her crated 24/7.

Things were supposed to improve for Jess in her next home and although intentions were good, her third owner suffered learning difficulties resulting in a lack of knowledge to care for Jess adequately. At some point Jess became chronically infested with fleas which only sought to exacerbate an underlying skin condition.

A house move to a property with a ‘no pets’ policy meant Jess was to be rendered homeless. It was at this point that thankfully Anita (the sister of Jess’s owner) became involved and with time fast running out, began contacting rescue centres throughout Derbyshire for help. It was at the eleventh hour that JFD were contacted and agreed to give Jess a roof over her head.

Prior to bringing Jess into JFD, Anita kept the dog overnight at her house and was shocked at the condition poor Jess was in and immediately began flea treatment, followed by a call to Blenheim Veterinary Centre for an appointment early next morning when the following conditions were noted:
Ten very painful cysts between her toes.
A skin infection – Jess was so irritated with the fleas she had constantly chewed away at her lower back causing a large patch of hair loss and raw skin.
She also had a lot of pustules on her under carriage.
A hernia
An ear infection.
Overgrown nails
Jess was given an injection and discharged with a course of antibiotics, along with special shampoo for weekly baths.

On arrival at JFD it was clear that Jess would not be trusting any of us in a hurry. She refused to respond or make eye contact and decided, for self preservation, to slump quietly on her duvet with her face pushed to the far corner of her kennel. This, in her mind, would keep her out of trouble. Having been fed on a very cheap dry food as well as being riddled with worms, Jess was ravenously hungry and we quickly appreciated that the way to this girls heart would be through her stomach.

Four days into her stay she ceased growling and lifted her head in response to our voices it was time to attempt to get her onto the exercise yard and hope we didn’t get bitten! Within days she was beginning to play and ball games on the paddock lifted everyone’s spirits!

Bath times were a necessary evil and a setback for Jess in her bid to trust, but she soon learnt that this too would do her no harm.

On Monday of this week Jess was admitted to Blenheim’s for spaying and to allow a thorough examination whilst under anaesthetic. Her skin was healing well on her back thanks to the immediate relief of the flea treatment but Adam felt their was still an underlying skin problem that needed sorting. Swabs were taken of the pustules as well as blood samples which are being tested to see if Jess has an allergy to grass/pollen/or certain foods.

Jess is only ours to borrow and she will soon be seeking her forever home – we are but a stepping stone to a better life. But while she requires ongoing weekly baths, recovers from her op and we await the results of tests she needs to stay at JFD.

It’s hard to believe that Jess is the same depressed and poorly dog who arrived at JFD less than a month ago. And although we would be the first to agree that long term kennelling is not ideal, at 4yrs and 8mths old it’s the best life Jess has ever known! It’s a life free from fear, pain and hunger, where everyday is a happy one, filled with love…