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Posted on Jul 4, 2016

This beautiful Lurcher was taken to Scarsdale Veterinary Hospital by the Derby City Dog Warden to be destroyed.
She had completed her statutory 7 days and no owner had come forward to claim her.

This was where fate intervened, for whilst she was sat in the vets waiting room, Doug arrived to pay a bill. A quick phone call to the Rescue Centre and a kennel space was made available.

After a series of tests had been done, she was found to be suffering from a very easily cured skin condition – three clinical baths per week for five weeks.

Thanks to a photo appeal in the Derby Evening Telegraph a home was immediately secured for when her treatment was complete.

Pictured here is Kayla (re-named Jazz) with her owner Julie Sampson and husband after gaining second prize in a heat of the Eukanuba Rescued Dog Of The Year.

She made a full recovery and bore few physical scars and no emotional ones whatsoever – a tribute to her treatment and TLC whilst at the Rescue Centre and the ongoing care and attention her new owners give her.


jazz jazz 2