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Posted on Jul 29, 2016

hugo2hugo3Time was fast running out for Hugo, before JFD stepped in and saved the day.

‘Hugo’s family have been through some very difficult times of late and now their house has been sold ‘from under them’ and they have to ‘be out’ by Sunday 31st July’

The rental property they were moving into would not accept dogs and as heartbreaking as it was they knew, some time back, that they would have to find Hugo another home. As he is such a little angel, great with children and other dogs, a friend quickly stepped in to offer him a home. A few days later the children went to school in floods of tears bidding their beautiful Hugo a fond farewell and a dark cloud hung over them throughout the day which became oppressively worse when they returned from school that afternoon to an empty house with no Hugo and his wagging tail to welcome them home.

Later that evening there was a knock at the door and there stood the friend and Hugo. He was being returned as the friend’s landlord had also said ‘No’ to Hugo too!

This sad situation then become a distressing one for the family as they now had just EIGHT DAYS to find Hugo a loving home – we were the seventh rescue they had so far unsuccessfully contacted!

We now have Hugo safe and sound in a foster home but are seeking a permanent home for him.

Hugo is Neutered and identichipped and we are in the process of bringing his vaccinations back up to date.

If you think you can offer any of our lovely dogs a loving home please email us by clicking here. Before you email – please take a note of these quick questions that we will ask you when you enquire.