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Help for Winston

Posted on Feb 10, 2020

Help for Winston

When a street dog is lucky enough to seek sanctuary from the cruel life where no one cares, it is hoped that the dog’s troubles are almost over and life has just got better. If lucky enough to be under the care of a genuine rescue such dogs are tested, treated, vaccinated and neutered and if things are really going their way they are awarded sponsors who care enough and are generous enough to buy them safe passage out of the hell hole that has been known to them as Sarajevo.

Some of these dogs find themselves at JFD where we welcome them with open arms and begin the process of helping them to forget the misery and cruelty that has gone before. At this stage it is hoped that their lives are really going to change permanently for the better, when a forever lasting, loving home is offered to them and happily for many dogs this can happen within days or a few weeks of their arrival here.

We are all therefore correct in thinking that this is the massive game changer in their tragic little lives and that these dogs live happily ever after, right? Wrong.

Sadly in Winston’s case this hasn’t happened. 💔

Following a few bouts of diarrhoea Winston was taken by his new owners to the vets. An initial course of antibiotics provided only temporary improvement, whereupon a follow up appointment upsettingly diagnosed Winston with a rectal tumour.

This is not the diagnosis any family wants to hear, especially having just adopted a seemingly healthy, happy & lively young dog.

The family were in turmoil. Should they hand Winston back to rescue? If they kept him they would surely get more attached with each passing day, what if the tumour proved to be malignant, they would have to face saying goodbye to a treasured family member, far sooner than they could ever have envisaged on their happy Gotcha Day? Then there was the question of veterinary costs, an initial figure of £350-£500 was quoted and Winston’s medical insurance had not yet kicked in, at this stage he was covered for accidents only. What a truly sad and unenviable position to be in.

We are delighted to report that Winston is to stay with his forever loving family – for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health – to late for them to get attached to him, they are totally smitten with him already and not wanting to take money from our funds, they have refused our offer of financial help and will be funding all Winston’s treatment themselves. How amazing is that? As rescuers, in a world where we see and hear of so much evil, we are truly humbled and so fortunate to have such warm hearted individuals, couples and families offer forever safe sanctuary to our dogs.

Today Winston returns to The Veterinary Centre, Burton, for his pre op consultation and we hope with all our hearts that Winston’s guardian angel will at last put in an appearance and change his luck for the better, god knows he’s long overdue and we pray this growth will test benign. 🙏

But we can’t just leave it at that.

If you have been touched by Winston’s story and like us are full of admiration for his family and more importantly if you can afford to, would you be so kind as to donate as much or as little as you can afford to contribute to his veterinary expenses. It would mean so much to us and I’m sure the love and support would give the family a well deserved boost at this difficult time.