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adoptdontshopJust For Dogs is based in Brailsford near Ashbourne in Derbyshire. JFD is a charity dedicated to the care of and re-homing of abandoned, neglected or unwanted dogs.

Our dogs are wormed, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. The average cost of adopting one of our dogs is normally £160 although this price can increase or decrease depending on the age and breed of a dog. If on the rare occasion a dog has not been neutered, prior to it’s adoption (usually due to the dog being to young) then the new owners MUST agree to get this done at the earliest, given opportunity

If you have a dog that you can no longer keep then please do get in touch with us ASAP – please don’t leave it until the last minute (house move/eviction/separation/illness/new job/new baby/emigration) we may not have space in our rescue but we will always place your dog on our social media pages, vet any potential adopters and then put you in touch. The sooner your dog is ‘put out there’ and seen the better.

Viewing Strictly by Appointment

Call us on: 01335 361363

Email: [email protected]

Just For Dog’s
Rescue & Re-homing Centre
Mansell Meadows
Ashbourne DE6 3BE

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