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Posted on Jul 4, 2016

elliemayAs her picture shows, on arrival at the Centre, Ellie-May required extensive medical attention. She was initially very frightened and suspicious of strangers, and many hours needed to be spent gaining her trust. Her medical condition was diagnosed as Demodactic Mange, a hereditary problem (very often stress related) that could be on-going throughout the rest of her life. We feel that her previous owners must have been aware of this, which ultimately resulted in her being abandoned.
Several courses of treatment were tried, and whilst some progress was made, the stress of being abandoned and subsequently kennelled did not aid her recovery. It was felt that true progress would not be gained until Ellie was settled in a loving home.
The great news is that after seeing her beautiful face on our website, a couple from Belper fell head-over-heels for Ellie-May and offered her a home over the telephone, without even seeing her! Daisy, a beautiful little lurcher was also adopted from JFD as a companion for Ellie-May.


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