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Posted on Apr 30, 2021

This is the very charming Dre who, due to a change in his dad’s working hours and a house move means it takes dad much longer to travel to work and back, leaving poor Dr. Dre far too long on his own throughout the working day and it just isn’t fair to him. This is what his dad has told me about him…

‘This is Dre 5years old, a very friendly and loveable dog who loves snuggles, his teddies and his bones. He also loves water whether it be puddles, streams or the sea or even a bath! He likes walks, although he is equally happy with a couple of short walks a day when time doesn’t allow otherwise. He doesn’t realise he’s as big as he is 🤣🤣 Overall an absolutely brilliant dog with a great temperament,  due to his size he would be better placed with older children and as an only pet, a secure garden is a must.’

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