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Celebrating 23 Years

Posted on Sep 6, 2019

September 1st….

The beginning of our 23rd year in operation, but just one year on since our brand new rescue centre’s doors were officially opened by our patron Charles Hanson.

We are delighted to report that with regards to visitors through our doors, offers of voluntary help and support and most importantly the rescue and rehoming of abandoned dogs, this has been, by far, our most successful year to date! 😊

It’s fitting therefore that the 1st day of our new year saw one of our long-term dogs, Ronnie, find her happy ever after (hopefully, if she behaves!) following 13 long months at JFD.

9 year old Ronnie came to us in July 2018 through a change in her owner’s circumstances, which left this dear girl spending long periods at a time home alone and living in a shelter outside.

This very active and lively lady, quickly became quite off-putting to potential adopters, when she burst out of her kennel leaping, barking and locking onto her lead giving it a good old shake in the process, leaving her handler feeling a little like a rag doll on a bad day😬 this bad girl behaviour, more often than not, left her flat on her face at the first hurdle! 😞 However, we soon came to realise that Ronnie loved her toys and as long as she was given a ball to hold she would forget about her ongoing angst with the lead and trot along quite happily with her head held high!

Fingers crossed, this beautiful and sometimes misunderstood girl will never see the inside of a rescue kennel again, but should Ronnie’s placement not work out her kennel door here will always remain open for her ♥️

Massive thanks to all our volunteers, supporters, donators and adopters for all your help, support and recommendations.

Together we can make amazing things happen, we can change for the better and turn the lives around for so many more dogs like Ronnie. 🙏