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Boni – Barney

Posted on Apr 30, 2021

When meeting Boni-Barney for the first time and looking into his battle-scarred face each and every one of us hasn’t failed to be  overwhelmed with mixed emotions of deep sadness and undying love, because each scar on his little face tells us life has been far from kind to this beautiful boy.

Life thus far for this weary old soldier has been cruel from the very beginning, because life as a hunting hound in Sarajevo is cruel, lonely and bleak. Day after day chained to a kennel, usually set in wooded areas,  one day rolls into another as the dogs struggle to cope with extreme temperatures of -10c or worse in the winter and 30c+ in the height of the summer. Offers of food and water are intermittent and only when your master deems to pay you a visit. Fully expecting a super athletic performance when hunting, when  there’s barely enough strength to walk, let alone catch and bring down prey. But the wrath and the beating from your owner when you fail him is the most unbearable pain of all. 

When Boni-Barney was rescued he was at death’s door. Suffering from pneumonia, gasping for breath and malnourished, it was feared that his rescue had come to late, but the sheer guts, determination and strength of character ensured his life was far from over yet. 

And what now? Well he’s travelled the 2,260km to Derbyshire and is accumulating adoring fans like they’re going out of fashion. From fun in the sun, to jaunts along our country lanes to cuddles in his kennel, life is now one long merry-go-gound for Boni-Barney.

But we can do better than that! Because Barney deserves better than that. Barney deserves a warm loving 5* home, where every single whim in his ravaged body will be catered for, where he can while away his twilight years without fear, lack of food or loneliness, safe in the knowledge that there is love in this world after all…..♥️
Neutered, chipped & fully vaccinated and ready to embrace life as a much-loved, pampered pet. 🙏

If you would like to find out more information, please email us and fill in the application email that will appear in the body of the email.