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Blaze (rehomed)

Posted on Jan 10, 2017

Sadly Blaze is here through no fault of his own as his elderly owner has passed away. Heis a very friendly, sociable dog who has lived with another dog. An active home with regular and prolonged exercise is a must for this lovely dog. He will be suitable as a family pet with older children.

He is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped.

Blaze RehomedUPDATE

BLAZE SECURES HIMSELF A 5* HOME – And Will Soon Be Barking With A Scottish Accent!

Question: What do you do when a highly active dog that requires mountains of exercise but cannot be let off the lead?
Answer: Rehome him with an owner who turns out at 5am every morning for a run!!
Blaze, you will not know what’s hit you!

When ex-footballer Alex and his wife Amy contacted us to voice their interest in Blaze, it sounded like the perfect home that ticked every box for this stunning lad’s requirements. There was only one slight problem. The couple live over 300 miles away in Edinburgh, which is a hell of a long way to undertake a home check and we needed to be absolutely sure that there was no way Blaze could escape from the garden and leg it into oblivion! 15 minutes after the initial phone call Alex had What’s App’d us endless photographs of their house and garden and following a flurry of Q & A’s back and fourth I was left in no doubt that all this tricky dog’s needs would be catered for.

As Amy had a meeting in Newcastle (approximately half-way) scheduled for Saturday lunchtime it was agreed that the couple should continue onto JFD once the meeting was over.

Having arrived here at 4.45pm the couple were happy for a chance to stretch their legs and Blaze was equally happy to oblige by taking them on a brisk walk around the lanes of Brailsford which was all it took for this canny lad to convince Alex & Amy that this adoption was meant to be!

By 6pm, with all the necessary form filling and paperwork completed Blaze was all set to embark on his new life. Upon opening the boot of the car and before I got chance to reply to Amy’s question of ‘How does he travel’ Blaze had leapt up into the back and acquainted himself with a large comfy dog bed followed by a casting glance in our direction that said ‘well come on then, what are you waiting for’?!!

A couple of hours later I received a photo from Amy which reassured me that Blaze was coping with the long-haul journey the message said ‘he’s currently crashed out on my knee, so seems relaxed enough’!

Good luck In your new home Blaze, be sure to be a good boy as it’s a long way back to JFD if you’re not!💖xx

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