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About Us


Just for Dogs was founded in August 1997 by a handful of like-minded people who simply wanted to rescue and re-home abandoned dogs. Founder members agreed that they would not get into any politics, rules or regulations and therefore it was decided there would be no long list of committee members drawing up endless policies.

Our objectives are:

  1. To rescue dogs who through no fault of their own had found themselves lost and alone on the streets.
  2. To take in dogs whose owners can no longer keep them due to marriage breakdown, unemployment, eviction, illness or death.
  3. To worm, fully vaccinate, microchip, spay/neuter and get veterinary attention when needed for all dogs coming into Just For Dogs.
  4. Re-home in a responsible manner and without long lists of restricting guidelines. We insist on our dogs being offered a kind, loving and responsible home. We are quite prepared to re-home dogs to families with young children, senior citizens, and people in full time employment as long as these people understand that it has to be the right dog to fit in with the right environment.
  5. To operate a very strict non-destruct policy where only terminally ill dogs that are suffering are put to sleep or dogs that, in our opinion, are exceptionally aggressive and so would pose a great risk to the public and other dogs alike.
  6. To offer help and advice to anyone in need, with regards to behavioural issues or any dog related problem.
  7. To promote responsible dog ownership with regard to the importance of vaccinating, neutering, worming micro-chipping and advise on the legal requirement of all dogs to wear collar identification discs, bearing owners name, address and telephone number.

Out of over 6,000 dogs rescued by Just for Dogs, only 2 have had to be put to sleep. Both dogs had spent weeks/months in kennels being assessed and would not allow carers anywhere near them.  It needs to be stressed that the decision too put to sleep these dogs was not taken lightly.

Just for dogs requires over £65,000 per year to fund the running of the centre, our main expenses being veterinary costs – although we remain grateful to our local veterinary practice Blenheim Veterinary Centre for continuing discounts and FOC services. Our other main expenses are heating and motoring expenses. We have, for the past 15 years, fed the dogs in our care their natural diet, which has seen our feeding expenses fall dramatically from over £4,000 per annum to under £500! Just for Dogs relies totally on voluntary donations and fund-raising. We have always been sympathetic with stray and abandoned dogs and also help many families who are having to part with their family pet due to various reasons i.e. marriage breakdown, unemployment, eviction, illness or death. In September 2013 we began to offer our help to Retired Racing Greyhounds many of which are destroyed each year and a small section of our kennels is dedicated to this beautiful and gentle breed.

Over the past few years, with the help of social media, we have been able to find homes for many dogs without the need for them coming into rescue, Facebook has become invaluable to us in this way as it means we can help dogs not just in the Derbyshire area but much further afield. We also strive to reunite lost dogs with their owners without the need for them to be taken to council pounds and will hold a lost dog for 24hrs whilst we endeavour to find its owner through its microchip, local dog wardens, social media or the ‘Dogs Lost’ Website.

Any one wishing to donate money, hold or help with a fund-raising event or wishes to find out more information about becoming a volunteer can do so by calling Just for dogs on 01335 361363.

Registered Charity No.1064905