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Happy Gotcha Day

We are always happy to see dogs go to their new and furever loving homes – we like to call this ‘Happy Gotcha Day!’

Happy Gotcha Day for beautiful little Betty!!

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Happy Gotcha Day for beautiful little Betty!!

Beautiful Betty is very friendly and loving, she required a quiet and patient home – this sweetheart desperately needed someone to love her! You can read her plea here.

Now, we can deliver the wonderful news that better has a home!! As you see in the picture here, she’s off to her new home with her adoptive parents, George and Margaret Smith, plus their daughter Maria.

Happy Gotcha Day Betty – be good, be happy, BEHAVE, because we strive for happy endings!!

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Cheetah has found his safe haven!

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Cheetah has found his safe haven!

On June 15th 2016 a concerned supporter brought this gorgeous boy to JFD. Here’s our post from that day:

‘Found wandering, this morning at junction 28 M1.
Male Greyhound, not neutered, not microchipped, but tattooed in both ears.
Does anyone know of any reports of him being lost or stolen or has he just been dumped?!
Please share to help spread the word. Thank you.’

Although we had a flurry of interest shown in him, Cheetah remained at JFD until this Saturday morning when Hannah and family (including her cute young Border collie Misty) came looking for a dog to rescue. Here’s what Hannah tells us about the first 24hrs of Cheetah’s new life:

‘Hi thank you so much for letting cheetah come home with me, he has settled in so well and has found his place on the bed lol! He has come out of his shell and has given me cuddles and has a really waggy tail. He has been on a walk with my other dog and seen horses and was not bothered by them at all he has also been for a run on the extension lead and loved it. He’s very fast!
PS I think I have lost my bed. Lol’!

So, after 202 long nights lying in his bed at JFD dreaming of what might be, Cheetah is finally given the home every dog deserves.

It’s just a case of being in the right place at the right time!

So don’t feel sorry for Cheetah or any other dogs at JFD as, for the majority, we are but a stepping stone to a better life, usually better than they’ve had but not as good as they’re going to get and often being the first time they experience love, kindness and security.

Dark Place – Junction 28 M1
Dark Time – June 15th 2016 (Rush Hour)
Right Place – Just For Dogs
Right Time – Saturday 4th February 2017!!!

Go Cheetah! 🐾🐾🐾 xx

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Yogi (Rehomed)

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Yogi (Rehomed)

Yogi is 6 years old and has been gifted to us through no fault of his own. Yogi is an all round sociable boy who has been brought up around young children and is good in the company of other dogs. He has a fantastically loyal and loving personality but does however contain very high energy levels, so requires an active outdoorsy home where regular walks, jogs, runs or cycling is a matter of course. However, once he has been drained of his excess energy he becomes a very laid-back dog who likes nothing more than to stretch and chill out, on his bed. 5 Star Boy!


When Wendy and her daughters from Yorkshire spotted Yogi the Pharoah Hound on our FB page they knew instantly that he would be the ideal companion for their Pharoah Hound Oskar.

Following an initial visit to JFD, the weekend before last, to introduce the the dogs to each other it was uncanny how similar they were, not only in looks but in mannerisms and the two dogs hit it off from the very get go! After a long muddy walk followed by a ‘chase me’ romp on the paddock Yogi was immediately put on reserve pending home checks.

Sunday last, saw the ladies return to adopt their new addition and the boys greeted one another like long lost friends! We asked Wendy if she would like to take Yogi’s bed that had been left by his previous owner, as it had certainly helped him settle well in kennels. As we waited for the bed to be brought from the kennels Zoe remarked again on how alike the two dogs were and as Yogi’s dog bed was handed to her she laughed and said ‘ oh no, he’s even got the same bed as Oskar!!!!

Following an uneventful journey to his new home Yogi was taken to Pets at Home for a new identity disc before being let lose (well not quite, he’s a Pharoah remember) with Oskar to explore his new home territory.

Last reports had him crashed out, on his old bed, in his new home, dreaming of many fun times ahead!

If you think you can offer any of our lovely dogs a loving home please email us by clicking here. Before you email – please take a note of these quick questions that we will ask you when you enquire.



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Blaze (rehomed)

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Blaze (rehomed)

Sadly Blaze is here through no fault of his own as his elderly owner has passed away. Heis a very friendly, sociable dog who has lived with another dog. An active home with regular and prolonged exercise is a must for this lovely dog. He will be suitable as a family pet with older children.

He is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped.

Blaze RehomedUPDATE

BLAZE SECURES HIMSELF A 5* HOME – And Will Soon Be Barking With A Scottish Accent!

Question: What do you do when a highly active dog that requires mountains of exercise but cannot be let off the lead?
Answer: Rehome him with an owner who turns out at 5am every morning for a run!!
Blaze, you will not know what’s hit you!

When ex-footballer Alex and his wife Amy contacted us to voice their interest in Blaze, it sounded like the perfect home that ticked every box for this stunning lad’s requirements. There was only one slight problem. The couple live over 300 miles away in Edinburgh, which is a hell of a long way to undertake a home check and we needed to be absolutely sure that there was no way Blaze could escape from the garden and leg it into oblivion! 15 minutes after the initial phone call Alex had What’s App’d us endless photographs of their house and garden and following a flurry of Q & A’s back and fourth I was left in no doubt that all this tricky dog’s needs would be catered for.

As Amy had a meeting in Newcastle (approximately half-way) scheduled for Saturday lunchtime it was agreed that the couple should continue onto JFD once the meeting was over.

Having arrived here at 4.45pm the couple were happy for a chance to stretch their legs and Blaze was equally happy to oblige by taking them on a brisk walk around the lanes of Brailsford which was all it took for this canny lad to convince Alex & Amy that this adoption was meant to be!

By 6pm, with all the necessary form filling and paperwork completed Blaze was all set to embark on his new life. Upon opening the boot of the car and before I got chance to reply to Amy’s question of ‘How does he travel’ Blaze had leapt up into the back and acquainted himself with a large comfy dog bed followed by a casting glance in our direction that said ‘well come on then, what are you waiting for’?!!

A couple of hours later I received a photo from Amy which reassured me that Blaze was coping with the long-haul journey the message said ‘he’s currently crashed out on my knee, so seems relaxed enough’!

Good luck In your new home Blaze, be sure to be a good boy as it’s a long way back to JFD if you’re not!💖xx

If you think you can offer any of our lovely dogs a loving home please email us by clicking here. Before you email – please take a note of these quick questions that we will ask you when you enquire.

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The plight of Riley

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The plight of Riley

Well it’s taken five precious years of his life but Riley has finally got the home he so deserves.

After two viewings, walks and introductions it was time to take him home!

Adopted by Justina Nurse who is already the proud owner of collie x Boo, who was born at JFD after her heavily pregnant mother arrived here as a stray.

Such a lovely family home for both dogs, with lots of camping/caravan holidays on the horizon!
Happy days are here at last!💕🐾

Read Riley’s ‘near death experience’ on our ‘Memorable Stories‘ page

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Sleepy Snoopy

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Sleepy Snoopy

Rehoming update
‘We just wanted to let you know how Snoopy is getting on in his new home. We re-homed Snoopy just before Christmas and as you can see he has settled in with us beautifully. We love this little man and although he is a serial barker we wouldn’t be without him. He loves his new playmates Frank and Hugo. Thanks Margaret and all the wonderful staff and volunteers at jfd ‘💗🐕💗

Sleepy Snoopy, his days in JFD rescue kennels just a distant memory!!💕

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Happy Easter Miss Jones

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Happy Easter Miss Jones

Having, just two weeks previous, stared the jaws of death in the face, the adorable Polly was driven off to her new home in time for Easter!

A life full of adventure, fun and weekends/holidays away in the motor home is what is all about for Polly – now rechristened ‘Jones’

There is no doubt she is one very much loved and spoilt family member, which is absolutely no less than she deserves.
Have a great Easter Miss Jones, have a great life! 💕

Paws for thought….Heartbreaking to think how many thousands of loving, death-row dogs, like Jones, don’t make it to rescue 😥💔

Polly and new owners

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Offering a lifeline

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Offering a lifeline

On the evening of Saturday 12th March we were messaged by a follower of the group ‘Urgent Poundies’ This organisation have contacts with many dog pounds that will destroy a stray dog if it remains unclaimed once it’s statutory seven ‘holding’ days are completed.

Upon visiting the ‘Urgent Poundies’ Facebook page we were saddened to see photos of three dogs that were due to be destroyed on the morning of Monday 14th, with a fourth dog due to be PTS on the Wednesday. 💔

After a quick mental assessment of our none- existent-available-kennel-space we decided at a stretch we could offer a lifeline to two of the four dogs.

By Monday lunchtime 2 yr old Spud and 5 yr Polly, having stared death in the face for seven days, were delivered safely to the arms of JFD by a lovely member of the Urgent Poundies transportation team.👼

To say these two dogs are an absolute delight would be an understatement, in fact it’s safe to say they never put a foot wrong! The pair were firm favourites of all our dog walkers here, as both dogs walked together beautifully and neither pulled on the lead.

On their first vaccination and vet check Polly promptly decided to give Paul a quick face wash and if the identichip needle caused her any discomfort she certainly didn’t show it! Having their eyes, teeth, ears, and tummies examined and their hearts listened to was interpreted by the two dogs as a sign of affection on Paul’s part and they showed their appreciation throughout the consultation by wagging their tails non-stop!!😊

Thankfully these two treasures were soon rehomed, Polly within a week, although it did take Spud 3 months to find his happy ever after (you can read their rehoming stories on our ‘Happy Gotcha Day’ page)  We must all bear in mind how vital it is that people adopt from rescue centres in order that valuable kennel space becomes available for the next desperate little doggy – who knows the next two death-row Poundies might not be so lucky!

PS. I know you will all be thinking ‘but what happened to the other two ‘pound’ dogs’?
We’re relieved and delighted to say that both dogs went on to be saved by two other rescue centres further afield!😅💕🐾


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An empty dogless house is not a happy place

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An empty dogless house is not a happy place

Exactly nine years ago to this very day Shirley Fearn and her friend Sue visited JFD to look for a special companion and family member for Shirley. The visit was highly fortuitous for one little Staffy girl called Miss Piggy (later re-christened Fudge) as she was swiftly adopted and a match made in heaven was the result for the proceeding years, until Fudge’s sad demise a few weeks ago – please see our post of May 16th 💔💕

But, an empty dogless house is not a happy place and Shirley thought the time for grieving should end as it is of no use to all the needy abandoned dogs wasting their precious lives in kennels nor will it bring the much adored and treasured Fudge back.

So nine years down the line and today another very fortunate dog had his lucky day – the second lucky day to befall him in recent times……

Spud arrived at JFD via the brilliant organisation Urgent Poundies, who
appeal for rescue spaces on behalf of council pound doggies that are on their final days and imminent death is their only way out! Once a space is secured Urgent Poundies then collect, transport and deliver the dog to its safe haven as said dog remains totally oblivious of what a lucky escape it has had! So, this was Spuddy’s first stroke of luck (we’ll say nothing about how unlucky he was to have arrived at a council pound in the first place)!!!

Anyway all this happened almost three months ago, which is unbelievable to think such a beautiful dog like this has been over-looked for so long. Spud has a huge fan club here all of whom would be more than willing to give a 5* character reference on this lovely lad’s behalf.

Dear Spud,
As we set you on your new adventure, may we wish you all the luck in the world, no dog deserves it more than you! May we also say:
‘Big up’ to Urgent Poundies
‘Hooray’ to Sheila Fearn
‘BOO HOO’ to all the pounds that take the council stray dog fees only to abandon the dogs seven days later
And ‘thumbs up’ to us – JFD, Derbyshire’s little dog charity with a big heart and a strict no-kill policy! 😂


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