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Posted on May 15, 2017

Give Ben a Loving Home - Just For Dogs Rescue Derby

Ben is about 9 years old, he has been with his family since he was 6 months old.

He lives with his owner, Julie, her husband and granddaughter, oh and the cats.
He sleeps inside and is house trained, but also has a run in the garden. He will bark and be funny with anyone that goes round the back or if he sees strangers in the house he does, however, have a lovely temperament with his family.

Sadly Julie’s husband is not well with Parkinson’s Disease, can’t walk and is currently recovering from a broken hip following a fall. Nurses have suggested rehoming Ben, because of his size and the consequences should he knock his dad over!

Julie now has sciatica in her back and legs so is unable to walk Ben although he is good on the lead but never been let off. Ben needs a family that can take him for walks.

Further to this information sent to us yesterday, we have now heard that Julie’s husband has had another fall, fracturing his other hip and is once more back in hospital.

So sad for all concerned, fingers crossed we can at least help the adorable Ben.

If you think you can offer Ben a loving home please email us by clicking here. Before you email – please take a note of these quick questions that we will ask you when you enquire.

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